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AHC LOGISTICS (XIAMEN) Co., tongji Ltd. was founded in 2009, tongji business registration number: 350, tongji200, tongji200, tongji049, tongji566, tongji SAIC trademark double-registered enterprises, tongji an international freight forwarding enterprises, tongji China IATA members bronze, tongji IATA CASS members, tongji WCA members .

Wang Yi people know the essence of international freight, tongji "entrusted by the treasure, tongji the way care" service concept rooted in the hearts of each employee; hard work, tongji self-esteem, tongji not a hint of slack, tongji because we know that you trust the achievements of Wang Yi!

There is no perfect person, tongji the only perfect team, tongji Wang Yi freight industry clustering elite; and to improve the culture of the new mechanism, tongji fair, tongji open-minded corporate culture so that they become the industry leader.

Integrity of others, tongji law-abiding operators, tongji after years of development, tongji Wang Yi brand is gradually customer awareness and acceptance. Hercynian deep plowing, tongji based on China, tongji think globally.

Wang Yi people are spider webs rigor and patience to weave our network with global partners share growth. The wind and waves will be when the sail sea. Wang Yi people are like the sea of mind and passion to embrace a better future.